Optical Boutique, Eyewear Services

Optical Boutique, Eyewear Services

Teez Optics is a subsidiary of Rachel Ventures Ltd. and a premier destination for a scope of original, unique eyeglass designs and lenses. Our goal and passion is to bring our customers a custom-curated selection of handmade eyewear brands, along with individual fittings and fashion eyewear consultations in Abuja and across Nigeria.

Our optical services team is highly trained and knowledgeable in all aspects of eyewear delivering accurate results  within 24hours of order. We are here to help you select the perfect eye glasses and/or eyewear.


Our selection of eyeglasses, eyewear, and prescription glasses covers all ages and lifestyles.

Contact Lens

Contact lenses are explicitly designed optical devices that can be worn directly on the cornea of the eye which helps to refocus oncoming light rays on the retina to achieve a clear vision.



At Teez optics, we offer a wide range of accessories for you to select from to help care for your eye wear.



Our Designer Collections

Get designer eyeglasses in the brands that you love with the prescription that you need. Find luxury brands at affordable prices at Teez Optics.

We offer a variety of designer frames to go with every face shape, style, occasion and lifestyle.Whatever look you are going for, Teez Optics has the perfect designer eyeglasses to match.

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